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Old Meisterschwanden community centre


8. Dez. 2022

From old to new

The old building is being converted with minimalist interventions and contrasted with a contemporary, multi-purpose new building. Unlike the solid old building, the partially transparent extension reflects a modern approach and houses communal rooms such as a kitchen, living room and small wet rooms, as well as a multi-purpose room.

The residential building is surrounded by four separate outdoor spaces of differing designs. The open spaces invite you to linger and provide places of retreat that can be used individually by residents.

The flats are divided by spacious sanitary cubes and kitchen installations, which are designed to be as space-saving and efficient as possible. This allows the remaining space to be furnished and decorated as desired. In order to enable future changes of use and to make the apartments adaptable, the construction consists of a permanent (static) part, which cannot be changed, and an adaptable (dynamic) part.

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